Game Troopers

From now until July 28, Game Troopers iO and Trucking 3D are on sale in the Windows Store.

iO is an abstract physics platformer where you control a ball in several puzzling settings. Grow, shrink, roll, leap and climb in this unique puzzler featuring over 225 challenging mazes and one-of-a-kind gameplay that includes portals, inverted gravity, vehicles and more.

Also, with Trucking 3D, you can enjoy being the responsibility of bringing all the materials needed to construct differents buildings while driving around in a huge variety of vehicles, from rusty pickup trucks to shiny new American 18 wheelers.

Enjoy driving in colorful and cartoonish graphics while you are maneuvering your truck in a 3D environment.

Find the titles in the Windows Store.

iO the Game
iO the Game
Price: Free