GameAnalytics is a powerful tool (SDK) that helps developers understand players and make better games. It keep a watch on the player behavior and in turn helps developers improve engagement, reduce churn and increase monetization.

GameAnalytics is used by more than 30,000 game developers worldwide and handles over five billion unique events every day across 1.7 billion devices.

“I believe the single most valuable asset for any game developer in today’s market is knowledge,” said GameAnalytics Founder and Chairman, Morten E Wulff. “Since I started GameAnalytics back in 2012, I’ve met with hundreds of game studios from all over the world, and every single one is struggling with increasing user acquisition costs and falling retention rates.”

“When they do strike gold, they don’t always know why. GameAnalytics is here to change that. To be successful, game studios will have to combine creative excellence with a data-driven approach to development and monetization. We are here to bridge this gap and make it available to everyone for free,” he added.

GameAnalytics provides SDKs for every major game engine and is totally free of charge, without any caps on usage or hidden subscription fees.

How to install the SDK and setup GameAnalytics

  1. Sign up for a free GameAnalytics account and add your first game. When you’ve created your game, you’ll find the integration keys in the settings menu (the gear icon), under “Game information.” You’ll need to copy your Game Key and Secret Key for the following steps.
  2. Download the GameAnalytics SDK for Microsoft UWP. Once downloaded, you can begin the installation process.
  3. To install the GameAnalytics SDK for Microsoft UWP, simply install using the Nuget by adding the GameAnalytics.UWP.SDK package from Nuget package manager
  4. Call this method to initialize using the Game Key and Secret Key for your game (copied in step 1):
    // Initialize
    GameAnalytics.Initialize("[game key]", "[secret key]");

    Below is a practical example of code that is called at the beginning of the game to initialize GameAnalytics:

    using GameAnalyticsSDK.Net;
    namespace MyGame
        public class MyGameClass
            // ... other code from your project ...
            void OnStart()
                GameAnalytics.ConfigureAvailableResourceCurrencies("gems", "gold");
                GameAnalytics.ConfigureAvailableResourceItemTypes("boost", "lives");
                GameAnalytics.ConfigureAvailableCustomDimensions01("ninja", "samurai");
                GameAnalytics.ConfigureAvailableCustomDimensions02("whale", "dolpin");
                GameAnalytics.ConfigureAvailableCustomDimensions03("horde", "alliance");
                GameAnalytics.Initialize("[game key]", "[secret key]");
  5. Build to your Game Engine (for UWP) :

    You can also connect to the service using their Rest API.

If you want to learn more about how to get the insights and create custom events, visit this page for information.