HTC_M8_WindowsAdduplex database has been source of many new Windows Phone devices’ existence and we have been able to explain these findings with more details in many cases. HTC M8 windows aka HTC W8 for Verizon is a recent example, which was first revealed in Adduplex database as HTC6995LVW and we found it at WiFi certification Org subsequently.

Now Alon@Adduplex has found 0P6B180 in its database with 1080p resolution. The HTC M8 Windows for Verizon is codenamed 0P6B21000, hence it must be a variant of the same device and possibly a global variant as hinted.

On asking Alon has further confirmed that he has seen the new variant in US and Taiwan. So, it may be the rest of the world variant and may come to other US carriers too.

The Verizon bound variant of HTC M8 Windows has been leaked many times and should be announced today.