Google is now updating one of it’s most popular services around the world, the Google Maps. The update is all about bringing new features and making the service more and more useful.

With this update, Google Maps will show you real time event updates. The company will show you updates if there is a new business opened or closed, a road is open or closed and even much more. After this update if you’ll make a new reservation or appointment using the Google Calendar, you’ll get confirmation on your Gmail. Some updated experience and UI changes are also on board with driving, navigation and transit. The company has also updated the icons and UI with this update.

There are new icons and new colour schemes to the places like a cafe, church, museum or hospital.

New colour schemes:

  • Orange : Food and Drink
  • Blue : Shopping
  • Pink Red : Health
  • Green Blue : Entertainment/ Leisure
  • Violet : Services
  • Grey : Civil Services/ Worship
  • Parrot Green : Outdoor
  • Cyan : Transport