Hardon Kardon has finally (and officially) revealed its Cortana powered device, Invoke and according to the company, you can expect the device to hit the stores this fall or by the end of this year.

With Invoke, you can interact with your personal digital assistant Cortana and listen to her captivating sound, Hardon Kardon’s audio heritage. You can accomplish all basic tasks you expect from Cortana including voice control your music and smart home, make and receive hands-free calls with Skype, get answers to your questions, and more.

From the design standpoint, Invoke is a beautifully designed speaker for the home, crafted from premium materials. Invoke’s striking metallic speaker cabinet delivers power and projects sound at full 360-degrees, revealing every beautiful detail in your music.

The device is expected to work across all platforms through Cortana app on iOS, Android (requires Android version 4.1.2 or higher, or iPhone 4 with iOS 8.0 or higher) as well as Windows 10 PC/Phone.

There is no information about price and specs of the device, however, just yet. In case you are interested, you can sign-up here and follow up the announcements as they happen.

Here is a video which shows off the device in action:

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