Microsoft HoloLens preorder have begun in China. Both the Developer version as well as the Business suite is now made available for pre-orders.

For developer version, the price has been set as RMB 23488 whereas it is RMB 39188 for business edition.

As per the official listing, both the edition are expected to start shipping May 24, 2017.

Developer Edition

Developer Edition is a special limited version, developed specifically for those interested in the application Microsoft HoloLens Developer users, the usage scenario must be associated with product development. Compared with the commercial Kit, in order to help reduce the cost of development, developer version providing preferential pricing program, but also a corresponding reduction in the related service.

Business Suite

Business Suite contains Microsoft HoloLens developer versions of hardware devices, corporate functions, as well as one-year limited warranty.

Microsoft HoloLens includes all Microsoft HoloLens developer versions for commercial suite features, also includes many enterprise-class features, in order to achieve better management and security. These features include: kiosk mode HoloLens mobile device management (MDM), identity management, and Windows Update for Business

Pre-order Developer Edition

Pre-order Business Suite