In today’s tutorial post we will talk about God Mode feature (for some its trick maybe) in Windows 10/8.1/8.
Windows 10 is now out for 11 months and actively uses on 300+ millions devices, according to recent reports. In Windows 10, Microsoft introduces new settings app where users can set their most of the PC settings according to their need. But till Windows 10 edition, company hasn’t integrated some advance settings in app, because for simplicity for users.
To access this adv. settings we have a separate app called it as Control Panel.
In control panel, there are many sub sections. Settings not only from software but also we can config settings from hardware part, like installing/updating new graphic driver and many more. But somewhere we think that these settings are very gathered and for regular users it’s hard to find required settings and to set them.
To simplify this, we have trick for you by which you can get all these settings in new folder and can easily access, we called it as God Mode (not specific name, you called it as whatever you want and can name it, I called it as Settings Junction). To enable God Mode on Windows 10/8.1/8, follow below steps. To make it easy to access God Mode, we create this on desktop.

1. Create a new folder on desktop.
2. And rename it to following text.


And Hit enter, as soon as you hit enter it you will notice the folder icon get changed to Control Panel icon. And when you open that, you will see a long list of settings, that you may have seen in Control Panel.

There are total 262 settings which you can access at single click on them under single hood. If you don’t like name “GodMode”, you can replace it with another name.

This is the way by which you can access all the advanced settings in one folder and can access them easily.