Xbox One


Xbox is another major successful project from tech giant Microsoft. World wide , there are a big number of users for Xbox.

Now the official announcement reveals that over 1 billion hours were played on the Xbox One last month. Isn’t it big ? Yes Xbox one is now a very lovable stuff from Microsoft.

Words from Microsoft : 

“In January, the total number of hours spent gaming in one month on Xbox One worldwide surpassed 1 billion hours. Looking ahead to this spring, fans can enjoy more great games with the upcoming releases of ‘Quantum Break,’ ‘Rocket League’ and ‘Tom Clancy’s The Division.’ We can’t thank our fans enough for their continued support and passion for Xbox, and we’re looking forward to bringing more of the games and experiences our fans want most in 2016.”

But interestingly PlayStation 4 is now top in sale of January. Anyway this news show that there are lot of people love to play with Xbox.