IDC’s latest report for Latin America market reveals that Windows Phone continues to be the 2nd largest operating system. Windows Phone has seen a QoQ growth of impressive 20% in Latin America markets and has grown quicker than market itself. In some markets like Chile the growth has been more than 50% QoQ it seems.

For the third quarter, according to IDC, Windows Phone is in second place in terms of the operating system’s presence in Chile, Colombia, Peru, Mexico and the region, highlighting the increase in popularity of the operating system among consumers. In Chile, growth over the previous quarter was 50%, the highest among its major competitors.

IDC attributes this growth to wide product assortment that Windows Phone has to offer from Lumia 520 to Lumia 1020, all thanks to Nokia.

“Delivering smartphones with full features in low cost devices has been a major success of Windows Phone, showing their understanding of Latin America market. There are users that have just begun their journey in the smartphones world and low range devices like the Nokia Lumia 520, offer a complete experience for the user.”, said Oliver Flores, Regional Manager for Mobile Phones at IDC Latin America. “The variety of devices available in Latin America is a decisive factor in ensuring this trend continues over the coming months,” he added.


Via: TheGadgetOx