Microsoft released Windows 10 to public on 29th July,2015. This was the day when we saw starting of world’s largest OS update for PC. Windows 10 was the largest adopted OS for the company with more & more users moving to Windows 10. So in the race of getting Windows 10, Enterprise users are no different with more & more companies & businesses switching to Windows 10. In USA, many government organizations have already got Windows 10 in their whole computing department.

The company is also focusing on the security features in Windows 10. The company says it’s the ‘best Windows ever’ and ‘the Most secure also’ .Now the company is has one step up with the new dedicated page of ‘Windows For Business’ where Microsoft is talking about the security features in Windows 10. In the beginning of this page you will see title saying ‘Protection against modern security threats’ which means company is confident with the security features in Windows 10. Te page talks more on this saying “Windows 10 offers architectural changes that protect from the inside out and go well beyond perimeter defense and building bigger walls.” furthermore “The harsh reality is that the attackers have acquired the advantage, and if your organization is in the crosshairs, it’s not a question of whether the attackers can get access to your network, it’s a question of how fast they can do it and how long will it take you to find out. It often takes months to detect and almost as long to remediate.”

Secured Devices:

Starting with Windows 7, the company took some major action to protect customer against security threats but actually in some cases the company were only able to make it more difficult for the attackers. So with Windows 10 the company made some significant architectural changes to the platform which made it most secure Windows .

Identity Protection:

Security threats always want to take your identity & your personal data. So in order to protect that the company has provided some new identity protection solutions that are easy to use, deploy, and manage. The Company has added some more secure features like Microsoft Passport, Windows Hello, and Credential Guard which will help us to be more secure while using our PC or web.

Information Protection:

When we talk about security, it’s all about ore personnel information, personnel data etc. personal. So Microsoft is making our data more secure. It has brought some services fro Office 365 like Rights Management Services which is a great way to secure your data. Company has also secured ourselves with cloud data protection.

Threat Resistance:

Threat resistance is in itself a very important feature to be taken care of for making an OS.Last year we have seen many major security breaches across the world.Right now most organizations are fighting with security breaches.

The page says “Windows 10 is designed to obstruct the malware and hacking industry by moving the playing field to a completely new one where malware and hackers are easier to defeat.”

Windows 10 industry solutions:

Microsoft has made Windows 10 available if following industry solutions worldwide,

  • Airline
  • Education
  • Finance
  • Government
  • Health
  • Hospitality
  • Manufacturing
  • Public safety
  • Retail

You can check the dedicated page by clicking here.