For those on the Slow ring of the Office Insider Program for Office for Mac, Microsoft has released a slow ring build and is now available for download on your Mac.

Office Insider builds for are updated on a regular basis to provide new or improved features, security updates and bug fixes.

The newly released version is 16.9.18020401 which brings deselect cells in Excel without having to start your whole selection over. So the most requested features are finally here in the latest Insider Slow update.


Precision selecting

Ever selected too many cells or the wrong ones? You can now deselect extraneous cells without having to start over. This feature is new in Excel.

Slice and dice your table data

You loved slicers for PivotTables. You can now use them in tables too to see exactly what filters you have applied.This feature is new in Excel.

Shine the light on what matters

Grab the new highlighter to flag important information. This feature is new in PowerPoint.