For those on the Fast ring of the Office Insider Program for Office for Mac, Microsoft has released a fast ring build and is now available for download on your Mac.

Office Insider builds for Mac are updated on a regular basis to provide new or improved features, security updates and bug fixes.

The newly released version is 16.14 which brings Outlook improvements and fixes. The latest build also brings New or Improved Features in Excel. Check out the full changelog below.

Outlook 2016 for Mac:

Version: 16.14 (180507)


  • Support: Status bar notifications fixed for incoming support messages
  • Accessibility: Improvements to VoiceOver for signatures
  • Calendar: Fix for a crash related to the weather widget in the calendar grid
  • Calendar: Fix for a long-standing bug where bullets in meeting invite get converted to ‘?’
  • Mail: Fix for incorrect received time on messages sent that were previously in the Drafts folder.

Excel 2016 for Mac

Version:  16.14 (Build 180507)

New or improved Features

  • Click the Help menu and choose What’s New to see information about the latest new features.

Bug fixes

  • The VBA command Range().CopyPicture was not working, so you could not copy a range as a picture programmatically.
  • Fixed several crashes.
  • Excel charts inserted into PowerPoint were sometimes cropped unexpectedly.
  • In the “Search Sheet” field above the ribbon, you could not select text by pressing CMD+A.
  • In some cases, the column headers were slightly misaligned with the column borders of the worksheet.

Known issues

Please provide feedback about any issues you find by clicking the smiley-face button near the top corner of the application window.  Here are a few things we’re already aware of:

  • Opening a workbook may not bring its window to the front of other workbooks that you already have open.