Yesterday Microsoft revealed an new era of Windows 10 Devices in an event at New York, they showed new Surface, Band any many more devices. However they posted an intro video of Surface Pro 4, Surface Book and Band 2.

Microsoft Surface Pro 4:

As expected Microsoft revealed long waited Surface Pro 4 which runs on Windows 10 and comes with 12.3-inch display, the new Surface weighs 1.73 LBS. Microsoft claims the device is 30 % faster than the Surface Pro 3 and 50 % faster than MacBook Pro. The device come with options of processor varying with Intel Core M3, I5 and I7. When going deeper at hardware part, we get to know devices support upto 16 GB RAM and 1 TB storage. However Surface Pro 4 is priced at $899.

Check the Intro Video of Surface Pro 4 below:

Microsoft Surface Book:
Something which was not leaked earlier is Microsoft Surface Book which also run Windows 10 and comes with 13.5-inch display, Surface Book weighs 1.6 LBS which is slightly lower than Surface Pro 4. According to Microsoft Surface Book is 100 % faster than MacBook Pro. The device come with two processor either Intel I5 or I7. When going deeper at hardware part, there is two options in RAM either 8 GB or 16 GB.  However Surface Book is priced at $1499.
Check the Intro Video of Surface Book below:
Microsoft Band 2
On the same event where Microsoft announced Surface Pro 4 and Surface Book, they have also revealed the new Band 2.”The new Band can help you live healthier and achieve more with a new curved screen, a barometer, and apps for email, text, running, biking, the gym, and golf” Claims Microsoft. Band 2 comes with OLED and covered with Gorilla Glass, Band 2 even comes with Breathable and Flexible body. Microsoft have even included tracks excercise and better sleep quality on this new version of Band. There is also better support of Cortana and Band 2 can even track oxygen volume in real-time.
Check the Intro video of Microsoft Band 2 below:
As you can see above, yesterday’s Microsoft event have many things to show and again Woo there fans.
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