Latest KWP report for US highlights the good performance of Nokia on AT&T and T-Mobile. In spite of only managing 4.7% sales share for the period of 3 months ending November 2013, Nokia Lumia devices have managed 5.8% sales share on AT&T.

KWP mentions how Nokia’s resurgence has limited Apple’s gains with its latest iPhones. On T-Mobile, Nokia devices sold during 3 months ending November 2013 have 55% first-time smartphone owners as compared to iPhones, which could attract just 39% first-time smartphone buyers.

“The iPhone 5S and 5C were the two bestselling smartphones in the U.S for the 3 months ending November 2013. However, increased rivalry from Android brands and a resurgence of LG and Nokia, has made year-on-year share gains for Apple difficult. This is especially true on T-Mobile.”

On T-Mobile, the ‘UNcarrier’ strategy, launched earlier in 2013, has been successful because it has attracted first-time smartphone buyers, looking to upgrade to their first smartphone. Among T-Mobile smartphone buyers in November 2013, 55% of those that purchased an LG and Nokia smartphone were first-time smartphone buyers, compared to just 39% of Apple customers.

Windows Phone sales share has dropped to just 1.1% on Verizon though, which may be due to lack of any Lumia 520 variant on the carrier.

Source: KWP