Windows 10 Feedback Hub app has updated to version 1.1702.653.0 for both PC and Mobile. The latest update is applicable for both Slow and Fast Ring. The latest update brings many new features such as introducing my feedback view & more. check out the full changelog below.

Feedback Hub Changelog:

Feedback Hub App version 1.1702.653.0Applicable Ring(s): Windows Insider Fast and Slow

Hi Windows Insiders,

We love hearing from you and seeing your feedback! We also want you to have the best experience in providing feedback and being able to track of it. You’ve told us in that past that currently we don’t have a great way for you to see all your feedback. This is also something captured by this collection (

And so, with the release of Feedback Hub app version 1.1702.653.0, we are very excited to announce a new “My feedback” view within Feedback Hub. This view is dedicated to making it much easier for you to keep track of feedback you have submitted or upvoted. You can find this view in both the Desktop and Mobile versions of Feedback Hub.

You can access this section by going to the Feedback tab on the left bar and then clicking on the “My feedback” pivot:

By default we show you both feedback submitted by you and upvoted by you in results, but you can filter to see just one or the other:


Additionally by default, results you see in the “My feedback” view are sorted by activity. This means your feedback with recent activity are at the top and easy to find. Activity includes getting upvotes, getting comments, or a Microsoft response. You can also sort by trending, most recent, and most upvotes.

We show you the last activity on your feedback in the default view making it easier for you to quickly understand recent actions on your feedback.

You feedback is tagged with “Submitted by me” or “Upvoted by me”.

Additionally, if your feedback was made part of a collection, the collection will get shown in the search results. As a reminder, collections are groups of feedback that include many individual pieces of feedback with similar sentiment <link>. To view your original feedback, open the collection and look for the “My feedback” section of the Collections details page:

You can download the updated app from the given link below.

Feedback Hub
Feedback Hub
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