Today at IFA, Lenovo announced two new laptops under the Yoga brand, the Lenovo Yoga Book C630 inside which you have a Snapdragon mobile processor and another one is the Lenovo Yoga Book C930 inside which you have an Intel Core processor for people who want to do more intensive stuff.

Lenovo Yoga Book C630

As mentioned above this one runs on a Snapdragon mobile processor, Snapdragon 850 to be precise. As promised by both Microsoft and Qualcomm, ARM-powered Lenovo Yoga C630 has an exceptional battery life, if we go by Lenovo’s statement, the Lenovo C630 has a whopping 25+ hours of battery life. The always-connected lightweight convertible laptop also supports pen input.

Lenovo Yoga Book C930

Unlike the Lenovo Yoga Book C630, this one is powered by an Intel Core processor as mentioned earlier. However, the C930 has optional 4G connectivity to keep you productive all day. What is interesting about this new Lenovo Yoga Book is it has an E Ink display that also serves as a keyboard, notepad, and eReader. It also takes advantage of perks of Windows 10 like Cortana, Windows Ink, and Windows Hello.