The craze of hinge began with Microsoft Surface Products especially the Surface Pro and Surface Book devices. However, the hinge that you have on the Surface Book is not a perfect one as you have seen many complaining that they simply don’t like the gap between the two display. The is indeed noticeable.

Lenovo in a new patent tries to solve the issue. In a recent patent filled by Lenovo, the company discussed how the gap between the display can be reduced to an amount that will be less annoying. Lenovo explained:

A configuration may be in the backbone member has a flexible sheet-like member, and a reinforcing member which is attached to the inner surface of the flexible sheet-like member, and extends along the one-edge portions of the first chassis member and the second chassis member.

A configuration may be acceptable in which the spine member has a flexible plate-like member and a reinforcing member that adheres to the inner surface of the flexible plate-like member and extends along the one edge portions of the first housing member and the second housing member.

Lenovo already developed its first folding PC, named Thinkpad X1 and is likely to go on sale by the end of next year.