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LinkedIn App for Windows 10 Now Available (PC Only)


Microsoft has officially announced their LinkedIn App for Windows 10, PC! The new LinkedIn App will not available for all at once, since it has just started to roll out, and may take a few weeks before every Windows 10 PC user sees it in the Windows Store.

From the looks of it, the application is simply the LinkedIn.com wrapped inside an app/wrapper (aka Web wrapper) with some added Windows 10 specific features Live tiles which give you real time updates including new messages, trending news etc.

With Windows 10 Action Center, LinkedIn for Windows 10 delivers real-time professional updates, including new messages, insights on who’s viewed your profile, trending news in your industry and other timely highlights on your professional network.

LinkedIn app for Windows 10 shown pinned to the Start menu.
LinkedIn app for Windows 10 shown pinned to the Start menu.

The app will launch in 22 languages (English, German, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese (simplified), Arabic, Danish, Italian, Dutch, Japanese, Korean, Norwegian, Polish, Turkish, Swedish, Chinese (traditional), Czech, Indonesian, Thai, Malay, Romanian).

After a long wait, it is quite unfortunate to see Microsoft not deliver a full UWP application for its own asset i.e. LinkedIn. Is it really hard for Microsoft to invest in its own product? This doesn’t go well with the Microsoft encouraging developers to utilize its Universal Windows Platform tools to develops cross-platform, more intelligent apps. No. We need a full Windows 10 app that works across mobile too. Microsoft shouldn’t try to cover the app gap it made after killing off its old Windows Phone 8/8.1 app, lately. This is what is termed as the half-hearted attempt, and is fairly unacceptable for mobile users.

We’ll update the article as soon as it goes live in the Windows Store. Do let us know your thoughts on the PC ONLY app in the comments below.


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