Update: And the good news is here. Gustav has managed to port Windows 10X to Lumia 950 XL. An image posted on Twitter shows Windows 10X OOBE screen on Lumia 950 XL. 

The Microsoft/Windows enthusiasts community had been working passionately to keep the Lumia 950 XL alive with new experiences via Windows 10 on ARM. And now Gustave, the well-known Microsoft enthusiasts has started working on porting the Windows 10X to Lumia 950 XL.

In a tweet Gustave has teased about the same and has also posted an image that shows the Windows 10X porting process to Lumia 950 XL. But the work is still no over as we wait for results of the process.

Recently a new Windows 10X build has leaked and many installed it on their Windows 10 PCs using the Hyper-V. But if gets installed on Lumia 950 XL successfully it will be perhaps the most interesting use of the leaked build.

While Windows 10X sheds some Windows 10 Mobile features like Live Tiles, it is a light-weight and more modern looking OS as compared to traditional Windows 10. It is also faster and may be a better fit for a device like smartphone.

Take a look at modular Windows 10X major features and changes that make it a faster and more aesthetically pleasing Windows 10 variant.