Samsung has launched successor to its bulky wannabe smartphone camera Samsung Galaxy S4 zoom, known as Samsung Galaxy K Zoom. The new device is claimed to bring better design than its predecessor and improved 20.7MP camera with OIS, 10X optical zoom, BSI CMOS sensor. But is it sufficient to challenge the reigning smartphone camera king Lumia 1020 in imaging quality and otherwise?

As you will see in hands-on video demo below from FoneArena, it still is very bulky and doesn’t look like a smartphone.

Coming to imaging quality while the production model for K Zoom is still not out and there are not many comparisons done. You can still have a look at the below image from TechRadar’s coverage, which shows huge issue with exposure and color interpretation by K Zoom’s camera as compared to Lumia 1020′s camera. But, let’s wait for bigger and better comparisons, before passing final judgement.

Samsung_K_Zoom vs Lumia 1020Via:  TechRadar