Lumia 2520 is now on sale at both Verizon and AT&T for a on-contract price of $399. At Verizon, while it can be booked in both Black and Red colors, AT&T is offering just Black Lumia 2520 for now. There is one good offer at AT&T though, which makes the Lumia 2520 price drop to just $199, if one buys it with any of the Lumia smartphones 920, 925 and 1020.

Also this “online visual simulator” at Verizon caught our attention and this is very useful for anyone planning to buy a lumia 2520. It has very lucid visual demo of all the basic to advanced functions of the Lumia 2520 from setup to camera to maps to everything else.



AT&T link

Verizon link

Visual Simulator link