AdDuplex recently announced a new monetization (promotion) program for Windows developers, on invite-only basis. AdDuplex has been a dedicated ad provider for Windows app and game developers since 2011, during the Windows Phone 7 days, with a primary focus of helping to improve ad monetization or advertising solutions for app and game developers, publishers and advertisers alike.

Today, Microsoft took to blog to promote the premier cross-promotion network, AdDuplex. It permits thousands of independent developers to advertise their apps for free by helping fellow app and game creators.

AdDuplex cross-promotion network works as an enabler of advertising exchange between participating apps and games. Developers place a line of code into their apps and start promoting other apps on the network. Those other apps return the favor. The exchange ratio is 10:8, meaning that for every 10 ad impressions your app shows, you are advertised eight times in other apps. The remaining two impressions are used by AdDuplex to help commercial advertisers reach their potential users and support future development of the platform.

Since 2011, more than 10,000 apps joined AdDuplex and use it to accelerate and amend their growth efforts.

What if you want to reach more users faster? AdDuplex also runs paid advertising campaigns which provide app and game publishers an opportunity to reach more users faster, hence gives you an awesome jump start to promote your app/game.

Since it is Windows 10 era, you do not want to miss to reach those 400 million devices and start earning. That is why, AdDuplex is ready with an SDK for UWP apps. You can use the same SDK and even the same ad units not only on desktop and mobile, but also on the Xbox One.

Getting started with AdDuplex

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