Office Insiders

Microsoft today has some important announcement for Office developers. The company introduces two new features for Office app and add-in submissions via the Seller Dashboard.

To improve the validation process, from now there will be validation reports which would provide all the issues of your submission and what are steps to follow. After processing your project, there will also be approval reports.

Once the validation gets the successful tag, there are three scenarios, the validation report will include one of them.

  1. Approval report – Congratulations! This report indicates your submission has been approved and there are no suggestions to help you improve merchandizing or marketing.
  1. Approval report with recommendations – Congratulations! This report indicates your submission has been approved and includes suggestions to improve audience reached and search result listing.  These suggestions are optional and implementing them is not required for publication.
  1. Rejection report – This report will clearly mark which items are mandatory issues that must be addressed before your submission can be published and which items are recommended changes to improve your submission merchandizing and search results placement.

Microsoft also has some important announcements for SaaS app developers on Office. Microsoft today confirms that it no longer support submissions of new or updated SaaS apps via the Seller Dashboard. There is a new way to do that.

Here is what you need to do to publish SaaS apps

  • Fill out the nomination form
  • In the What type of offer do you intend to publish? field, choose App
  • In the What type of app do you intend to publish? field, choose SaaS App.

To edit your existing SaaS apps:

  • Sign in to the Cloud Partner Portal at using the same account you used to sign in to the Seller Dashboard.
  • When prompted, agree to the publisher agreement.
  • Your apps are listed under All Offers on the Cloud Partner Portal Home page.