Azure service

Microsoft has announced a new network logging and diagnostic tools for its Azure Cloud Platform – Azure Network Watcher.

With Microsoft Azure Network Watcher you can get valuable insights to understand your network performance and health. These capabilities are accessible via Portal, Power Shell, CLI, Rest API and SDK.

These tools will be pretty useful when diagnosing a critical problem as it also lets you to capture packets from a virtual machine with just a few clicks. Logging flow data for Network Security Groups is another trait.

What does Network Watcher enable for you?

  • Topology
  • IP flow verify
  • Next hop
  • Security Group view
  • Packet capture
  • Network Subscription limits
  • NSG flow logs
  • Diagnostic logs
  • Virtual Network Gateway Connectivity Troubleshooting
  • Integration with Azure Services

Azure Network Watcher is available now in preview in the following regions – US West Central, US North Central and US West.
To get an in-depth information on how to use Azure network Watcher, hit the source link below.