Azure service

Microsoft has announced the general availability of Azure Relay Hybrid Connections. The Azure Relay service enables hybrid applications by allowing you to securely exhibit services that reside within a corporate enterprise network to the public cloud, without having to open a firewall connection, or require intrusive changes to a corporate network infrastructure. Relay supports a variety of different transport protocols and web services standards.

Hybrid Connections contains a lot of the same functionality as WCF Relay including:

  • Secure connectivity of on-premises assets and the cloud
  • Firewall friendliness as it utilizes common outbound ports
  • Network management friendliness that won’t require a major reconfiguration of your network

And the differences:

  • Open standards based protocol and not proprietary! WebSockets vs. WCF
  • Hybrid Connections is cross platform, using Windows, Linux or any platform that supports WebSockets
  • Hybrid Connections supports .NET Core, JavaScript/Node.js, and multiple RPC programming models to achieve your objectives

If you are a .NET developer, and want to get hands on Azure Relay Hybrid Connections, browse to this page

Also, you can find out more about Hybrid Connections pricing