Bio Model Analyzer

Microsoft is open sourcing its cloud powered biological research tool— Bio Model Analyzer.

The source code has been made available over at GitHub and you can try out the tool today on your PC, by visiting this page through a web browser.

What is Bio Model Analyzer

The Bio Model Analyzer is a tool that allows biologists to easily and quickly build complex models of biological behaviour, and to analyse them using techniques derived from the field of formal verification. Its backend is written in F#, and its graphical frontend is an HTML5 application. It uses the SAT solver Z3.

Bio Model Analyzer consists of:

  • An HTML5 user interface designed for rapid model construction and analysis, and corresponding REST API application performing analysis and simulation (solution bmaclient ).
  • A command line tool for access to a wide range of analysis algorithms (solution BioCheckConsole )
  • A command line hybrid physical/executable simulator (solution Athene ), as used in “Emergent stem cell homeostasis in the C. elegans germline is revealed by hybrid modeling”.
  • A chat bot intended for user education in linear temporal logic (folder ChatBot )
  • A set of related tools for formally verifying biological models

BMA is one of several Microsoft research projects that aim to use computer science to speed up breakthroughs in cancer research and treatment.

Learn more about BMA on this page