Yesterday Microsoft released an update tp the Skype app on insiders build. The update brought many innovative and necessary changes to Skype.

Now the company seems to be more serious than ever about Skype. Another important feature is slated to introduce very soon. The new feature we are talking about here is photo effects. New effects include smart, whimsical effects, like quirky face stickers and witty captions, for your photos or Highlights and much more. The image can be added to highlights and shared to an image in conversation. These effects are similar to filters found in Snapchat.

How to use:

In order to use this feature, you need to capture a new picture and after capturing an image just tap on the magic wand button. Tapping on the magic wand button you’ll get access to the new effects. The initial effects could include¬†witty caption, celebrity lookalike, smart face sticker, location and weather, and mystery face swap and much more. The effects are powered by machine learning and are suggested based on the face and mood along with the ambience around you. It will be different on different days like weekdays, weekends, Sundays and holidays etc.