Windows 10

Can Windows 11 replace Windows 10 in Microsoft’s larger scheme of things as the next major update or should there be Windows 11 at all? None other than the Microsoft CMO¬†Chris Capossela¬†has mooted this idea on Twitter by sending a teasing tweet about “Windows 11”.

Chris further sought to implore Windows Insiders about it. At the face value, it can be just ignored as a tweet with the intention to tingle some followers. But since the tweet comes from Microsoft CMO it is interesting to think about the idea.

Maybe there is something cooking at the top decision-making level. Microsoft is working to push the idea of Windows OneCore with Composable Shells. This makes Windows modular with the ability to adapt to any form-factor including interesting foldable devices. Windows 11 can perhaps be the fitting name for this iteration of Windows with such a massive change over Windows 10.

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