It seems Microsoft is not in a mood to take risk, considering the possibility of huge server load, because of Windows 10 official launch tomorrow. It has started downloading Windows 10 to some PCs that have got it reserved. As per some tips received by us it seems, the download of Windows 10 to PCs creates a new folder $windows.~BT. But you need to take care and not try to install it yourself, as it makes the folder disappear.

Microsoft should notify you to install Windows 10 once the download completes, as they have talked earlier about notification telling you to install the update. Read all about “how tos of upgrading to Windows 10 here“.

Microsoft has also launched a new dedicated webpage for Windows 10 launch. The page features fans reactions, videos, screenshots of final OS and more. You can however may like to have a look at some of the screenshots of the final RTM Build 10240 by clicking here.