Two more new and interesting Microsoft Edge features have arrived on Windows 10. Microsoft Edge has added Windows 10 ClearType text rendering and new vertical Tabs options in the Canary channel.

Windows 10 ClearType text rendering in Microsoft Edge:

This feature allows rendering of text in Microsoft Edge using the same contrast and gamma settings that are used elsewhere in Windows. You may have run the ClearType Text Tuner to adjust the contrast and gamma settings for your monitor on Windows 10.

This may be enabled on Microsoft Edge Version 91.0.862.0 in Canary channel with a new feature flag:


New vertical Tabs options:

There is a change in Vertical Tabs behavior rolling out in a controlled way in Canary channel. If you had previously clicked on Vertical tabs button it would have immediately switched between horizontal and vertical tab layouts. Now for some of the insiders in Canary channel, when they click on Vertical Tabs button, they get 3 options:

  1. Turn on Vertical tabs
  2. Recently closed (which opens history flyout and shows you recently closed tabs)
  3. Add all tabs to a new Collection

Also, if you check in Edge settings, it’s no longer called vertical tabs button, it is now called tab actions menu.


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