Microsoft Edge

Microsoft Edge browser is also picking up some new features with the next major release of Windows 10, the Creators Update. With EdgeHTML 15, that is currently available to Insiders (Build 15061 and above), Microsoft Edge introduces support for CSS Custom Properties.

CSS Custom is a new primitive value type to fully cascade variables across CSS properties. To check out, how does it work, browse to this Custom Properties Pooch demo to see them in action!

What are CSS Custom Properties?

SASS/LESS and other pre-processors have been offering variables in CSS for years, which is one of the reasons why, in an informal poll, ~75% of polled web developers incorporate these tools in their day to day workflow. However, the biggest downfall of these tools is that they are effectively a “find & replace” of the specified value. This means that the variables can’t be updated without needing to recompile the stylesheets.

Enter CSS Custom Properties (née CSS Variables). While Custom Properties enable the same fundamental use cases, they have the additional benefits of being fully cascaded, being interacted with via JavaScript, and not requiring the additional build step to work.

To learn more about how to use CSS Custom Properties on your site, head to this page