We have seen many reports about extension support for Microsoft Edge browser. In our previous article, we mentioned that extension support for Edge is ready to roll out. So all of us are expecting first phase of extension support in upcoming insider build. Now Microsoft has accidentally published a page which looks like the official landing page of Microsoft Edge extensions. But Microsoft already pulled it. Some weeks ago Microsoft had inadvertently posted another page like this and pulled which also shown the extensions of Microsoft Edge, you can read about that from here.

Now, while Microsoft has pushed this page we could find it in Google Cache and you can check the link below. Microsoft listed three official extensions for Microsoft Edge and is available to download. It includes Microsoft Translator , Reddit Enhancement Suite and Mouse Gestures. These extensions are in the format .EXE and it is possible to load it on your insider build if you are a developer. Microsoft also provided a tutorial to run extensions on your Edge browser , read it below.

Here’s how you add extensions in preview builds of Microsoft Edge:

  1. Download an extension.
  2. Select Run from the download notification.
  3. Select More (…) and then Extensions.
  4. Select Load extension, choose the extension folder, then select Select folder.

You’re all set! You should now see the extension listed in Microsoft Edge.

Microsoft says :

Personalize and add new features to Microsoft Edge with extensions. Starting with build XXX for the Windows 10 Insider Preview, a selection of extensions is now available for Microsoft Edge.

When fully released to mainstream builds of Windows 10, extensions will be available via the Windows Store. Until that time, you can help us test extensions by downloading and adding them to Microsoft Edge using the steps

Try it on your PC and You can get it from here.