Another new build of Microsoft Edge is now being rolled out to the users in the Insider Preview ring.

The new build of Microsoft Edge is being rolled out in Development Channel and comes with build version 80.0.328.4 if we talk about the numbers. It is worth mentioning here is that this build supports native ARM64 architecture.

Talking about the updates and changes, this new build comes with lots of bug fixes and overall improvements on board. It fixes an issue where a certain website was causing the Edge browser to crash. Some other fixes include a browser hanging on the launch.

Improved reliability:

  • Fixed a crash on launch.
  • Fixed an issue where closing a tab sometimes causes the browser to crash.
  • Fixed an issue where installing extensions sometimes leads to a browser crash.
  • Fixed an issue where navigating to certain websites crashes the browser.
  • Fixed an issue where Edge crashes on close, causing the Restore Tabs prompt to unexpectedly appear at startup.
  • Fixed an issue where only the first Edge window opened in a session is all white with no UI.
  • Fixed a hang on launch.
  • Fixed an issue where Edge on Mac hangs when a user clicks the Restart button on the Settings page to install an update.
  • Fixed an issue where favorites aren’t syncing properly between machines.
  • Fixed some issues where videos protected by DRM, such as on Netflix, don’t play.
  • Fixed an issue where the Share dialog doesn’t appear.
  • Fixed an issue where pinning a website to the Taskbar fails.
  • Reduced the number of times sync errors result in a prompt for user interaction.
  • Improved the reliability of screenshots so they stop appearing all-black when submitting feedback.

Changed behavior:

  • Fixed an issue where extensions that are installed from the Chrome Web Store are not getting automatically updated.
  • Fixed an issue where Application Guard windows re-open when the browser is started even when the startup settings aren’t set to restore the previous session.
  • Fixed an issue where the Taskbar icon for Edge isn’t updated to the new icon for some users.
  • Fixed an issue where two Edge icons sometimes appear on the Taskbar after an Edge update.
  • Fixed an issue where some UI images on Mac have black backgrounds.
  • Fixed an issue where the first-run experience appears on every new tab for some users.
  • Fixed an issue where users in certain countries who are not signed in to Windows with a work or school account still are not able to remove “Work” profiles that were automatically added to Edge even after a previous fix for this issue was shipped.
  • Fixed an issue where the password saves promptly unexpectedly appears when filling out credit card info on certain websites.
  • Fixed an issue where the … a menu appears truncated.
  • Fixed an issue where Edge doesn’t interact properly with other applications that try to show dialogs in the foreground.
  • Fixed an issue where using the Mac Touch Bar to switch tabs sometimes doesn’t work properly if the tabs are playing video.
  • Fixed an issue where zoom is triggering in Reading View on Mac when it shouldn’t be.
  • Fixed an issue where new data types are available to sync, but they aren’t enabled by default.
  • Fixed an issue where the sync customization page during the first run experience doesn’t properly enable sync for the selected items.
  • Fixed an issue where enabling sync during the first run experience doesn’t enable sync on certain data types.
  • Improved the behavior of importing favorites on Mac.
  • Updated the Sync Settings page to show more types of data that will be available in the future, but with the switches disabled until that data type is available.
  • Fixed an issue where there are two Passwords toggles and no Favorites toggle on the Settings page.
  • Fixed an issue where the Restart button is always visible on the Language Settings page on Mac.
  • Fixed an issue where importing browser data from other Chrome profiles than the default one shows an incorrect profile name during the import process.
  • Fixed an issue where the setting to show the favorites bar is not imported properly from Chrome.
  • Improved what images are used when saving certain websites to a Collection.
  • Added the ability to copy all Collections items to the clipboard.

Known issues:

  • There are some issues where users with multiple audio output devices sometimes don’t get any sound from Edge. In one case, Edge becomes muted in the Windows Volume Mixer and unmuting it fixes it. In another, restarting the browser fixes it.
  • At certain zoom levels, there is a noticeable line between the browser UI and the web content.
  • Last month, some users got a “Work” account automatically added to the browser that wasn’t removable. Although we recently enabled the ability for some users to remove this account, there’s still an issue where users who are signed in to Windows with a work or school account may not be able to remove that account from the browser.
  • Favorites that are set to show only the icon can be reverted to showing both the icon and text if favorites sync is enabled.
  • Clicking a link on one virtual desktop currently opens a new tab in a window on a different virtual desktop if there’s no window open on the current desktop but there is on another. This is a regression from past behavior, which opened a new window on the current desktop.
  • Jumplist entries are not consistent between the Start Menu and the Task Bar for some users. We believe this is due to the shortcut on the Start Menu not getting migrated properly after an Edge update and are working on a fix. Additionally, after getting the update for the new icon, there are still places on the Start Menu, for example when searching, that still show the old icon. Other places like the Task Bar may be able to be fixed by un-pinning and then re-pinning any Edge shortcuts that already exist there if they weren’t fixed by the updates last week.
  • Windows that are minimized sometimes aren’t restored properly if the browser restores the previous session due to an update, a crash, etc. As a workaround, make sure no windows are minimized before restarting the browser.
  • Sometimes the browser will appear to not respond to any user input (clicking or scrolling in webpages doesn’t do anything, hovering over UI doesn’t make it change), but clicking on certain buttons still works (like the … menu). The cause of this is due to an error in the GPU process, and opening the browser task manager (right-click near the window minimize/maximize/close buttons or hit shift+esc on the keyboard) will open a window that will allow you to end the GPU process, which will fix the issue.