Even though Windows 10 on mobile is dead, there are a good number of people still using it on their primary device. The Redmond giant has just increases its support for the Windows 10 mobile running Anniversary update. Their documentation just got updated today which backs our claim. However, support should not be confused with feature updates, Microsoft will just provide security update and bug fixes for another one year.

Windows 10 Anniversary update hit the mobile back in 2016 on 9th October. The support cycle was as usual of two years which ended on 9 October this year. Now that it got extended for another year, it remains to be seen whether Microsoft able to finally launch some sort of mobile device(Andromeda) before the end of this support cycle.

The delay, however, should not be taken as hint a of the arrival of Andromeda next year. There are organisations/enterprises still using Windows 10 on mobile which also might something to do with this.

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