Flow app

Microsoft has now officially released the Flow mobile app for Windows 10 Mobile devices. The company recently began accepting registrations for the beta program, and now it seems the preliminary tests went right, and now it is available for all Windows 10 Mobile users in the Windows Store, but there is catch.

The app is only available for devices with a minimum of 2GB RAM, and while this may be temporary, it is somewhat of a disappointment to some users.

Moving on to the features, the app has all the basic functions like create, monitor, and manage automated workflows between your web services, files, and cloud-based data.

The team behind looks to be committed to the app and with the future updates, here’s what to expect:

  • Team flows: View your team flows straight from your Flow mobile app.
  • Button sharing: Share your buttons with others to run.

From my personal experience, although the app does what it is supposed to, but there are lags during browsing and the app freezes a bit when scrolling around the templates. Notifications, sometimes work, and sometimes don’t. Keep in mind, this is on the Lumia 950 (3GB RAM) and you can pretty much guess how the unfinished app will behave on a phone with 2GB RAM. Still, the experiences may differ based on how frequently you use the app for your tasks.

Anyways, do give the app a try and if you are new to Flow, learn more about it here

Microsoft Flow
Microsoft Flow
Price: Free