Microsoft Flow

Microsoft is expanding its Microsoft Flow internet based automation service with updates to the platform each passing month. The company recently added the ability to Resubmit/cancel flows along with the GoToWebinar and GoToTraining support.

Team Flows

Microsoft has extended the management of flows to more than one user. If you are a daily user of Flow, you will quickly notice a new tab added under the Flow management screen – Team Flows.

Team Flows option

Team flows enables you to assign multiple people to own and manage a flow together in an organization, and, if someone leaves an organization, the flows they created can continue to run. This was the most voted feature by the users and Microsoft has finally addressed it.

Please note, Team flows are only available for paid Microsoft Flow plans.

Custom APIs Support

Microsoft Flow now also supports automating processes by building a custom API as per the user demand.

By registering a custom API, you teach Microsoft Flow about the characteristics of your web API, including the authentication that it requires, the triggers and actions that it supports, and the parameters and outputs for each of those actions.

Like Team flows feature, you can also add additional users or owners to custom APIs. Simply select the “…” menu and choose Invite another user:
Custom APIs

Gmail Connector

Ability to create flows involving the most popular webmail service, Gmail has been incorporated. This was another top request for Microsoft Flow.

Today, we are announcing full Gmail support. This means you can trigger flows whenever a new mail is sent to your Inbox, or even based on more specific conditions like when an email has a certain label or as marked as important.

Gmail connector in Flow
In addition, you can create actions in Gmail connector to Send/Delete email or trigger specific actions with your Gmail account. There are over a dozen templates already available for Gmail, so you can get go faster.

LUIS Support

LUIS support in Microsoft Flow will enable you to build flows to parse language intelligently.

LUIS lets you understand language contextually, so your apps communicate with people in the way they speak. This joins two other Azure Cognitive Services supported: Text Analytics and the Face API.

If you want to learn more about the feature additions, head over to the source link below.