Game Mode

Microsoft has been investing a lot of its manpower in the Gaming industry lately. Whether it has been the introduction of the Direct x12 for superior gaming performance, or the Xbox Play Anywhere program to streamline your game purchases, Microsoft is really focused on to bring the ultimate gaming experience to each of your devices and that includes the PC gaming as well.

Well, it seems it is going to get even better and bigger when the Windows 10 Creators Update hits your machine in early 2017.

Twitter user @h0x0d who to me is a renowned leaker observed a gamemode.dll library which indicates that Microsoft may indeed be working on such a possibility where you could turn your PC to act like a gaming console which happens when you turn on the “Game Mode“.

The dll file was found in the recent leaked insider build of Windows 10 and according to the leak, the Game Mode in Windows will adjust its resource allocation logic (CPU/GPU) to prioritize the “Game” when running in “Game Mode”.

gamemode.dll file in 14997 build
Image Credit: MSPU

With Microsoft yet to admit its existence, it is unknown at this point, how the Game Mode looks like and will it make its presence when the Creators Update becomes available in 2017.