At WinHEC 2016, Microsoft shared its vision about the PC gaming and what to expect when the Creators Update arrives in 2017.

Gaming Opportunities (Xbox Play Anywhere)

Microsoft is envisioning a world where you as a gamer have the ability to play games you want, with the people you want, on the devices you want. The Xbox Play Anywhere program, as well all know about, is going to be a big part of your gaming experience. You will be able to purchase Xbox Live digital gaming titles once and play them anywhere, with your console, PC, laptop, and the opportunities will be endless. The transition from device to device is going to be smooth.

Since, the Xbox Play Anywhere infrastructure is already built in to the Windows platform, developers can take advantage of this while developing a game to support the functionality.
Microsoft is also bringing Xbox investments to every Windows 10 PC. With the Universal Windows Platform, applications built for a device once, will scale to different form factors. This will also streamline the purchases you make in the Windows Store. As you keep moving from one Windows 10 device to another your achievements, settings, saved games, friends, family carry along, all thanks to Xbox Live.

OEM Differentiation Opportunities

Microsoft also talked about OEM differentiation opportunities. For hardware partners, it will be easy for them to contexualise and bundle their offerings for example by providing an Xbox Controller/wireless adapter bundling, a game bundling etc

Xbox Wireless Program

With the Windows 10 Creators Update, Microsoft is bringing the Xbox Wireless Ecosystem to PC.

Xbox Wireless will provide best-in class wireless connectivity solution for gaming accessories. For gamer’s, this means high-bandwidth, low latency protocol that leverages WiFi technology, the ability to support 8 devices at a time which is capable of working in a broad range of up-to 6 meter, stream stereo audio over wireless and more.

There are 8 partners which are committed to support Xbox Wireless accessories in 2017 including gaming headsets from Astro, Turtle Beach, and Plantronics.

These accessories will be universally compatible with your gaming device of choice whether it is your gaming PC or the Xbox Console.

Key Graphic Improvements in Windows 10 Creators Update

  • WDDM 2.2 enables new graphics HW scenario
  • DDI/API to enable VR/AR/MR for Windows Holographic
  • Games: DX12 API, Tools, Multi-GPU, Broadcasting
  • HDR/WCG Display, Media and Graphics on PC.
  • Drivery Delivery: Gaming drivers, Reduced Variation
  • Security: ACG & GPU Virtualization (staging)

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