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ASUS announces new ROG Zephyrus for gaming, powered by Windows 10

At Computex 2017, Asus announced the new ROG Zephyrus for gaming, powered by Windows 10. This is the next-generation gaming experience for the enthusiast gamer. This device is equipped with the Xbox app and Direct X12, and can take advantage of Xbox Play Anywhere and have your personal digital assistant Cortana and

5 things you need to know about gaming on Xbox Project Scorpio

Project Scorpio

Microsoft's Xbox Project Scorpio console got an exclusive specs reveal earlier, leaving the entire gamer community awe-struck by its powerful specs and features. From improved texturing filtering to faster loading times, Scorpio is set to flatter your existing Xbox One and 360 library in many ways. Project Scorpio is set to offer

Here are this week’s game deals on the Xbox Games Store

xbox games

Another week, and another set of game deals for the Xbox fan community. Microsoft has announced yet another games and add-on deals on the Xbox Games Store. These discounts are live now and run through 23 January 2017. Take a look at all the available deals: Xbox One Deals Content Title Content Type Discount Notes The Walking Dead: