Lenovo VR headset CES 2017

There were reports floating on the Internet about Microsoft’s intimacy with an Xbox VR headset for its Xbox One console. Now a new report from Cnet suggests that the Redmond giant has put the Xbox VR headset on Ice.

Alex Kipman who is a technical fellow – Windows and Devices hinted a long time ago that Xbox VR headset might be put on hold. While he did not say anything on the reason behind the delay, we guess the issue might be something to do with performance and ease of use with which most of the VR headsets out in the market are struggling right now.

Sources familiar to Cnet have confirmed that the company was indeed working on the project partnering with a few developers. The source also claims that at the time of pulling the plug on Xbox VR Headset, the team behind the project asserted that it might need to do a lot of catch up to match the Oculus Rift or HTC Vive. Microsoft would wait for the appropriate technology to appear before they resume any further development on the project. For the time being, all we need to do is wait for the official launch of the next big thing in gaming.