Rumors about Windows Core OS, the modular OS from Microsoft, never dies. The entire concept of the modular OS coupled with the Andromeda died off a few months back as Microsoft wanted to develop it once the again from the scratches. We have reported about the same. Nevertheless, Windows Core OS is something that is far from being just a rumor and the company is actively developing it.

To back our claim, we have found some evidence. According to reports, Microsoft has already started making apps for the Operating System. ALumia first reported and discovered a picture which claims the same. That being said, we don’t know if the app is just a redesign of the existing Microsoft app or a completely new app.

ALumia also reports that Microsoft has already given access to some selected developers to make apps for the Windows Core OS, which is not surprising as there were rumors earlier that Microsoft was talking to some developers about on this new project. The Dev Center where developers upload their apps/games will have something named as Windows.Core so that they run seamlessly on Microsoft’s upcoming modular operating system, Windows Core OS.