Hololens w logo

Microsoft demoed their upcoming product which will change the way we used computers & played games. It’s called HoloLens. It uses holographic projection & you can easily play your high end gaming just in your living room or any hall. Bruce Harris, a Microsoft Technical Evangelist shared some more details about company’s upcoming HoloLens at an even in Tel Aviv, Israel. We already know that the developer version of this device will be available in the first quarter of this year with no exact details for $3000 which is quite costly. There isn’t any news about the availability of HoloLens to the general consumer or Enterprise user.

He also mentioned that any UWP app that runs on Windows 10 will also run on HoloLens. The device is totally Wireless which uses Bluetooth & WiFi for communications. He told something about battery life of the device also. If we talk about battery life, it always depends upon individual’s usage but it can last for upto 5.5 hours but if you use it upto it’s limit , it will easily provide you a backup of 2.5 hours by having all the connection active like Bluetooth & WiFi etc.


It has a field of view of 15-inch monitor if it is about 2 feet away from your face. It could have been improved but on the cost of battery & company didn’t want to compromise on the battery life of the device. He also said that once the device comes in full production, they will try to increase the field of view with taking care of the price bracket.

The device is being manufactured by Microsoft themselves but not in USA like the Surface Hub.

Harris also explained about a unique feature for the device & that is Device link with this one can link two device & share the experience. Two or more users can link devices in the current production model. It is not necessary to be very close to link two devices, it can be easily done on internet also.



Credits: Petri