microsoft-Nokia-logo-square-largeSeems, Microsoft has realized it ( albeit quite late), how important it is to have some compelling services like YouTube for competing and succeeding as the 3rd eco-system. So, the latest reports claim it considering to buy a stake in DailyMotion, the popular video sharing service owned by operator Orange in France.

According to The Reuters,

Le Journal du Dimanche also reported that French video-sharing website Dailymotion, owned by French telecoms operator Orange, is in talks with software maker Microsoft about a stake in its capital.

Orange Chief Executive Stephane Richard said last month that Dailymotion was close to signing a partnership in the United States and was working on another in Asia to help it to take on market leader YouTube.

Though he did not name the companies, Richard said the potential U.S. partner is “a major player” in the digital economy and described the Asian company as “a significant regional operator”.

The way Google has responded to wishes of millions of Windows Phone owners regarding YouTube, it seems a no-brainer then that Microsoft (which has invested so much in “Bing”) wold not like to own and grow a competitor to YouTube. DailyMotion is promising and I have used it via “CuteTube” on my Nokia 808. It doesn’t have some constraints of Vimeo which may make it successful in emerging markets.