Microsoft’s answer to Google search has come a long way to meet the expectation of users who casually search the web. To make Bing a stronger competitor, Microsoft today introduces ‘Bing spotlight’.

To put things into perspective for you, suppose you bing ‘Andromeda‘, with ‘Bing spotlight’ you now see the latest headlines, a rundown of how the story has been developed over time, and relevant social post from people around the web. It also provides a nice little perspective from different media on the web.

The feature though is nothing new as its competitor Google has it for years, but the rundown shows to give you how a story has developed over time is something exclusive to Bing at the time of authoring this article. But the catch is as always with most of the Microsoft product, the new Bing spotlight feature is currently available only in the US. The company did not clear the air regarding its availability in other countries.