Visual Studio Mobile Center

Alongside the release of Visual Studio for Mac, Microsoft also introduced “Visual Studio Mobile Center Preview” . This newest member of the Visual Studio family aims to deliver rich cloud mobile app testing. You can bring your current apps written in any language to Visual Studio Mobile Center’s cloud and lifecycle services and you’ll get faster release cycles, higher-quality apps, and the time and data to focus on what users want.

Currently, you can only build apps hosted in a GitHub repository. To get started, you need to connect to the source control and select the GitHub repository where the app is located and then start building your app with only a few clicks.

Mobile Center uses virtual machines to build your code. There is a clean virtual machine provisioned especially for your build which gets discarded once the build finishes. The files uploaded for code signing and the password for the certificate are also stored securely on our servers.

Once done, a developer gets to build the app for Android and iOS from the cloud and test it right from the mobile center. At the moment Objective C/Swift,  Xamarin and React Native are some of the languages that are supported, which is neat enough.

Not only this, the service also provides robust app distribution and analytics since being connected to the GitGub repository, which in turn acts a source control. As a result, the developer gets to focus more on the app than anything else.

If you want to know more and get started with Visual Studio Mobile Center, you can always sign up here