Microsoft watcher Brad Sams has recently come up with an interesting revelation. Brad is hearing that there might be a re-org inside Microsoft with Windows team. If this comes out to be true, it will be for the second time in the year 2018. A few months back EVP of Microsoft Windows and Devices Group, Terry Myerson left the company and that was for the first time in 2018 Windows team went through a re-org. We don’t have any information about the release date of RS5 RTM Build, but rumor has it that it might come out in the 21st of this month.  

In his weekly Sam’s Report, Brad says:

“I’m also hearing from somebody who’s become quite reliable lately, there might be a re-org inside the Windows world after Redstone 5 ships. This might be actually how Terry Myerson eventually exits is after that’s done, and then his role is diminished. Just people moving about, just more product lines, like Azure and Office and maybe kind of thinning out the Windows crowd. I don’t think there’s gonna be layoffs, not trying to say that, but they’re going to be just shuffling some people around.”

This isn’t surprising at all given that, Microsoft no longer just wants to be the Windows company and investing big in the Cloud business which by the way isn’t really hard to comprehend – We get to listen ‘Cloud first, AI first’ a lot at every single Microsoft event.