We have been reporting about Surface Mobile or Surface Phone leaks and rumors that give hope to Windows Phone fans around the globe to see a new first-party hardware from Microsoft. Now, in what looks like an unintended leak, Microsoft may have posted an image of a Surface Mobile prototype on its official Azure Twitter account.

If you check the cropped image below you can see how this mobile-enough device resembles the form-factor appeared in many of Microsoft’s patents recently. Microsoft has confirmed working on a new form-factor which will be a Phone/Mobile device but won’t look like the phones available on the market.

The cropped image shown above has appeared in full in a Tweet posted by Microsoft Azure Twitter account. We last reported about Surface Mobile Devices “Surface Peking & Surface Slavonia” leak in an official video description in China. So, may be this is an intended leak to keep Windows Phone fans pumped, as Panos Panay would have liked to put it across.

Thanks Vendi for the tip. Cheers!!