Microsoft Launcher which debuted as a Microsoft garage project is now the company’s one of the most focused project which runs on Android. The company’s effort in easing the computer-mobile synergy is worth mentioning and it is, of course, a known thing to anyone who avidly follows Microsoft.

Microsoft launcher snags some important features with the latest update which are available to the beta tester. The updated version which is 4.10 will include key features like Microsoft Family, Microsoft Rewards, Visual Search and to name a few.

Microsoft Family
This feature is somewhat similar to what Facebook already has for quite some time now. Parents who are using Microsoft Launcher can now view the last known location and activity report for their children across their Android phone, Windows PC and Xbox console.

Microsoft Rewards
If you are in the US you are quite familiar with Bing Rewards. Besides the US there are a few countries in which Microsoft directly pays you in the form reward balance if you search with Bing. Microsoft Rewards customers can see their Rewards balance in the Launcher Feed and earn points for using Bing Search through Microsoft launcher!

Visual Search
This feature is already available in Bing app. Use the camera function through the Launcher Search bar to capture images and intelligently recognize celebrities, landmarks, items, apparel and more!

It is worth to take note that Microsoft Rewards will hit the US market first, more markets will see the change later on.