Alongside the announcement of the Microsoft-Qualcomm partnership, Microsoft also laid down its plans to ship always-connected, more power-efficient PCs for Windows 10.

These PCs will take advantage of eSIM technology, which will make it easier to activate a data plan right from the device or change operators.

Embedded SIM or eSIM is a pure electronic, rewritable SIM card which is directly integrated on your device. You as a user can decide to change contracts or the operator on the web, easily!

Microsoft will enable the partners to build always-connected devices without hindering form factor design and they can take advantage of eSIM technology to build devices without an exposed SIM slot, making it easier for people to activate a data plan right on their device, through the Windows Store.

With everyone going mobile today due to pervasive, faster, and more affordable cellular networks, this will surely bring a new wave innovation.