A new patent application from Microsoft published by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office showcases a new patent of a Smart Speaker. Discovered by Patently Apple, this device, according to Microsoft, an intelligent assistant system in the form of an all-in-all computing device.

As the case with the existing Smart Speakers, this one from Microsoft also provides information on various topics such as the movie times, weather, calendar events, etc. It can also control various other stuff like your television, lighting in your living room, etc.

Accordingly, the present invention provides intelligent assistant devices and corresponding methods for interacting with a user in proactive, unobtrusive, prompt, and pleasant manners. In some examples one or more suggested actions for the user may be displayed via a display of the intelligent assistance device. While the suggested action(s) are displayed, audio input comprising a command followed by a keyword is received from the user. Based at least on receiving the command followed by the keyword, the audio input is processed locally on the device to establish a user selection of the suggested action(s). The device then executes the suggested action(s).

Microsoft launched the Surface line-up to show the world what Windows 10 can do. The company, however, is successful in gaining some significant mindshare. Likewise, a Smart Speaker from the software giant can showcase the true power of Cortana.